Lite Lunch & Movie

 Marie Antoinette (2006, PG13, 123 min)

 F, Jan 17 | 12pm | $6M/$9NM (Movie Only—FREE)
Starring: Kirsten Dunst  
“The naive Austrian princess who married Louis XVI to become queen of France at age 19. The film explores the effects of a luxurious yet terribly confining lifestyle on the young queen. Her resulting youthful indiscretion and frivolity ultimately led to her undoing. A Cannes Golden Palm nominee, this biopic also took Oscar honors for costume design.” –
Lunch includes mostaccioli, salad, garlic bread and dessert.

Strictly Ballroom (1992, PG, 94 min)

F, Feb 14 | 12pm | $6M/$9NM (Movie Only—FREE)
“Dumped by his partner just before a major dance competition, gifted hoofer Scott Hastings (Paul Mercurio) is forced to take a graceless neophyte (Tara Morice) as his new partner. But much to everyone's surprise, Scott soon turns his unpromising protégé into a topnotch dancer. Bill Hunter, Pat Thomson, Gia Carides and Barry Otto also star in this quirky, engaging tale from Aussie director Baz Luhrmann.” –
Lunch includes a BLT sandwich, potato chips and dessert.


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