Traffic Safety Unit

The Traffic Safety Unit is comprised of a Law Enforcement Officers, Community Service Officers (CSO) and Volunteers In Police Service (VIPS). The key objectives are to reduce the risk of impaired, distracted driving, speeding and risks to pedestrians from motor vehicles.

In addition the Traffic Safety Unit has a specially trained officers who conduct truck enforcement operations. The Truck Officers work to reduce the impact to public safety by enforcing truck overweight and vehicle safety violations. 

The Traffic Safety Unit utilizes both marked and unmarked vehicles to achieve their objectives. In addition, specialized technology is utilized to both gather data as well as raising awareness to the motoring public to reduce their speed. Some of this technology is passive, in which it only records volume, speed and direction of vehicles traveling on the roadway. Our feedback signs, provide a visual reminder to slow down, to identify when a vehicle is traveling above a posted speed limit, to help the driver manually reduce the speed. These feedback signs also gather information on speed, volume and direction vehicles are traveling. The data gathered from these two devices assist in helping the Traffic Safety Unit identify enforcement priorities by narrowing the focus to specific periods of the day or night.  In addition the Niles Police Department works closely with the the Public Services Department and the Village of Niles in our Traffic Calming Policy

The Traffic Safety Unit deploys both types of devices on a regular basis, based upon accident trends, complaints from residents or during high profile traffic safety holiday periods. 

In addition the Traffic Safety Unit works closely with the Patrol Bureau, outside agencies such as the Cook County Sheriffs Police and the Illinois State Police.