Business Beat Plan

The Niles Police Department Theft Awareness Program (TAP) has five objectives that the Police Department wants to accomplish.

They include the following:

The creation of a village wide notification system that will provide our local business partners with information regarding current theft crews that our targeting our community.

  • Identity Theft Trends – awareness trends
  • Robbery/Theft prevention – for retail partners
  • Shoppers Theft Operation Plan (S.T.O.P.) – to address issues with shoppers purchases gift cards to pay for alleged debts owed (i.e. Greendot scam). The S.T.O.P. program will also work to create an awareness program to assist the public in preventing them from losing their valuables when they leave the retail store, restaurant or bar.
  • Quarterly Crime Prevention meetings with our local business community’s member’s loss prevention agents/managers/regional loss prevention agents.
  • Patrol of our retail community partner’s parking lots and business locations completed by a Community Service Officer III.

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