Arts & Crafts



W, May 13 |2:30-4:30pm| FREE
The NSC art programs would like to share their beautiful works of art with the public. Invite friends, family and neighbors to come along.  Refreshments and appetizers will be served. Please contact Chrisann Fahy at 847-588-8436, or if you would like to display your work.

                                                           ARTS & CRAFTS

Watercolor with Carol Luc 

W, Apr 1-29  | 2pm |$13M/$18NM Each Class 
Instructor Carol Luc is an accomplished artist with an M.F.A. in painting and B.F.A. in Advertising Design.  If you would like to see her work and read more about Carol, visit DIY 

New Theatrical Workshops

W, Apr 8 | 12:30pm|$15M/$20NM
Instructor Mark Tamvakis is a recent alumnus of Carnegie Mellon University where he studied Voice, Pedagogy, and Dalcroze Eurhythmics. Mr. Tamvakis has been active in the Chicago area performing in choral and solo settings and teaching.  The class will explore various types of music including selections from the American songbook and improvisation, allowing students to gain physical awareness and experience of music through training that takes place through all of the senses. We will develop simple, expressive movement by working in groups and individually. 

Spring Flower Workshop

Th, Apr 9 | 3pm| $30M/$35NM
With a few simple steps, we will learn how to make a designer worthy Spring floral arrangement from flowers that you can purchase at every grocery store.  Each person will take home their own arrangement which will include an assortment of flowers.  

DIY Friday Candle Making with Victoria Pelarenos

F, Apr 17 | 9:30am| $30
Come learn how to make unique candles in this class. We will use tea cups and other unique vessels to pour our candles into (each person will make two candles). Supplies provided include wax, scents, wicks, and candle vessels.

Form & Color in Still Life

F, Apr 24| 10:30am| $10M/$15NM
Instructor: Charlotta Koppanyi       In this class we will take a look at a still life, with its forms, colors and story it tells us, and see how we can portrait it in our own version. We will be working with watercolors on paper using brushes and sponges. Beginners, basics and more advanced students are all welcome as we learn from each other. We conclude the class with a conversation. All materials provided.