O’Hare Modernization Program

planeThe O’Hare Modernization Program was approved by the Federal Aviation Administration in September 2005. According to the Chicago Department of Aviation, the plan includes replacing the intersecting runways with parallel runways to increase capacity, reduce delays, and meet future demands. The estimated $8 billion project is the nation’s largest airport construction project. The plan to modernize the airfield at O’Hare International Airport has resulted in changes to the runways affecting the air traffic over and around the Village of Niles. Accordingly, the following information and resources are available for Village residents who would like to stay informed, express concerns and participate in the process.

Resources For Niles Residents

Submit Complaint via Telephone

The CDA maintains a toll-free noise hotline (1-800-435-9569) for suburban communities for citizens to express their concern about particular aircraft events or aircraft noise levels in general.

Submit Complaint via Online Form

In June 2009 the City of Chicago launched a webpage where complaints may be entered directly online. The link below leads to the City’s 311 System where one can fill in information about a noise event.

Submit Aircraft Noise Complaint Online

If you are trying to enter a complaint online and are receiving an error message, please call the Noise Hotline at (1-800-435-9569) and let the operator know the webpage is down.

Complaints must go to the CDA Noise Hotline or Online Form to be counted. 

Interim Fly Quiet Re-Evaluation


Completed O’Hare Runway Projects

September 2008: Runway 10L-28R extended by 3,000 feet
November 2008: Runway 9L-27R
November 2008: North Airport Traffic Control Tower
October 2013: Runway 10C-28C
4th Quarter 2015: South Airfield Traffic Control Tower
4th Quarter 2015: Runway 10R-28L 
Taxiway LL 2016
Central deicing has completed in 2018

Upcoming O’Hare Runway Projects

Runway 9R-27C is anticipated to be completed 2020
Runway 9C-27C extension is anticipated to be completed 2021
Terminal 5 Concourse M gate expansion is anticipated to be completed in 2021
TAP projects in the first phase are anticipated to be completed between 2021 and 2026, including the O’Hare Global Terminal, O’Hare Global Concourse, two satellite concourses, Terminal 5 curbside, roadway, and parking expansions, and Western Facility


Additional Resources For Niles Residents

External Websites
O’Hare Noise Compatibility Commission (ONCC) Website
FAiR Allocation in Runways
City of Chicago 311 Aircraft Noise Complaint (Registers a complaint with the City of Chicago regarding aircraft noise)
Chicago Department of Aviation WebTrak (Tracks flight activity into and out of Chicago O’Hare International Airport)

Document Links
Village of Niles Resolution 2018-17R Passed 8/28/2018
Letter to FAA Acting Administrator Elwell 9/5/2018
Niles Noise Management Map 
Noise Contours
Estimated Runway Utilization at OMP Build-Out
Long Term Portable Noise Monitors 

2015 Re-Evaluation of the O’Hare Modernization Environmental Impact Statement