Virtual Entertainment - Exercise Classes

Following are videos and links for Senior exercise classes to keep us moving while we are at home.  Please be sure to exercise with caution and at your own pace.  Tip: Click on the video to stop or start.
billie jean

Line Dance with Billie Jean Darling

Below you will find a link to two new videos on Vimeo:  a tutorial and the dance with music for "Love Ain't."

Get movin' and groovin' again with our Fitness Fusion Line Dance instructor Billie Jean Darling.To view all of Billie's videos, please click here



5 Minute Exercise Warm Up by National Institute on Aging

60-Minute Sample Workout by National Institute on Aging

Strength Training by National Institute on Aging

Energizing Chair Yoga with Sherry Zak Morris

Line Dance for Seniors & Beginners Electric Slide, Cupid Shuffle & More
with Jenny McClendon

Line Dance - When You Smile (Dance & Teach)

Choreographed by: Jose Miguel Belloque Vane, Roy Verdonk (Sept 2019) 32 count - 4 wall - Absolute Beginner level line dance Music: "When You Smile" by Rune Rudberg

Jane Fonda Workout Videos

Hollywood Icon and Legendary Fitness Guru, Jane Fonda takes you through this cardio exercise that will boost energy, stimulate the mind, reduce stress, increase circulation, and work the arms, legs, butt, chest, abs, and back. Learn how to keep fit or lose weight if that's your goal with Jane's sure-fire formula of reducing caloric intake and doing aerobic exercise regularly. Remember to work at your own pace.

To view the entire list of videos, click here: 

Cardio at Home: 12 Exercises You Can Do in Your Living Room