Virtual Entertainment - Music, Theatre & More

Following are links to videos, virtual free and paid sites for operas and plays for your enjoyment.  Some may require payment to view a full play.  We hope you enjoy!

Debbie Allen Warms Up the Audience in Virtual Dist-Dance Party!

Choreographer Debbie Allen guides us through a warm-up dance class, teaching moves from the decades, in Daybreaker and AARP's virtual celebration of music and dance. Visit for more inspiration. For more videos please visit, or click here.

Uprising (Muse Cover) with Bach's Toccata & Fugue - from Classical Blast

"We took part in a streamed live concert at The Arcada Theater in St Charles, prior to the Illinois state lockdown. The theater was closed, except for  handful of crew members. This was our finale, a combination of “Uprising" by the band, Muse, mashed with Bach’s "Toccata & Fugue in D Minor." Stay safe, stay strong, and we WILL be victorious!" To see more of Classical Blast, click here.

Metropolitan Opera | Free Live Audio Streams

Enjoy the live streams at the Metro.  Click on the link below for scheduled dates, times and to view the performances.

The sites where opera and classical music fans can watch their favorites perform around the world.

The link below to will show you hot to stream live opera and classical music.



Watch PBS shows, documentaries, music, etc, from the comfort of your own sofa.  Click here for PBS WTTW, Channel 11 Chicago listing of free videos.