Executive Directive: Face Coverings


Mayor Andrew Przybylo has issued an Executive Directive instructing the public to wear a face covering that covers the nose and mouth while out in public. Businesses are expected to refuse admission or service to individuals who are not wearing a face covering and ensure all employees are complying. The direction does not apply when running or walking outdoors (provided 6-foot social distancing is maintained), when riding in your own personal car, or when wearing a mask would lead to greater harm.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a webpage with instructions for making your own face covering, or download a PDF with the instructions for making a face covering.

Businesses can download, print and post an official notice regarding their ability to deny service.

View the official Executive Directive document.

Automated Call - "Reverse 9-1-1"

An automated call (sometimes referred to as a "robocall") with basic information about the face covering Executive Directive was made to the public on April 22, 2020. To hear the message, call (847) 588-8080. To sign up for alerts, visit www.vniles.com/alert. To be removed from our call list, update your Rave Alert/Smart911 profile (if you created one) or e-mail communications@vniles.com with  your request.

Cloth Face Covering Availability Within Niles (Updated 4/17/20)

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Statement Regarding Executive Directive

On Friday, April 17, Mayor Przybylo issued an Executive Directive which directs the Niles community to follow CDC guidelines and wear a face covering in public to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, effective immediately. This instruction applies to individuals engaging in any activity outside their place of residence when other people are present. It includes situations such as shopping for groceries and working in or patronizing businesses that are open to the public, as social distancing can be difficult to maintain in these enclosed public spaces. The directive does not apply during activities like walking or running outside of buildings, provided individuals are maintaining 6-foot social distancing from others. It also does not apply when driving alone in personal vehicles, while eating and drinking, or when doing so creates a greater risk.

The Mayor’s directive also allows businesses to refuse admission or service to individuals who are not wearing a face covering that covers the nose and mouth. A PDF document explaining the allowed procedure is available on the Village website and can be printed by businesses to affix to their entrances.

Homemade cloth masks are acceptable for this directive, provided they cover the nose and mouth. The Village website contains instructions on how residents can obtain or make cloth face coverings. The CDC states that medical-grade masks should be reserved for healthcare workers and first responders.

Police are not actively enforcing this directive, and the directive does not establish a fine for non-compliance, but if a store owner has a guest who will not comply or leave their store, Police may be called to handle the situation. All members of the public are expected to comply. The Village is depending on and will work with local businesses to promote the public’s cooperation, and appreciates the people of Niles uniting to follow this directive in order to protect the health of all.

The directive is issued pursuant to powers granted by the Village’s Declaration of Emergency (Ordinance 2020-09). The directive remains in effect until the expiration of the Declaration of Emergency.

View the official Executive Directive document.