Fire Alarm Registration

In an effort to provide greater reliability of fire alarm systems and to improve fire department response time, The Village of Niles has an ordinance that requires all fire alarm systems to be monitored by a UL listed central station with runner service or by direct connect to Regional Emergency Dispatch (RED) center.

Monitoring services are required to adhere to the International Fire Code when the fire alarm system is new, when the existing contract was signed after 1/1/2016 and does not include runner service or when the existing contract is due for renewal.

The Village of Niles has installed infrastructure within the Village that will allow wireless transmittal of your fire alarm signal to RED center directly.The Village of Niles agreement includes the installation and maintenance of the radio for life, no binding contract to be locked into and no third party to process the alarms.

At this time the Niles Fire Prevention Bureau requires that all premises, with a fire alarm system, have on file with us an alarm user permit. There is no fee for this permit. All premises are required to submit an alarm permit an annual basis to insure all information is current and accurate.

Please follow this link to complete the form online

For more information please contact:

Mike Durand 

Fire Prevention Bureau