Customer Service Requests

Customer Service RequestsWelcome! The Village of Niles Customer Service Request system (powered by SeeClickFix) helps residents reach the Village online or via their smartphone or tablet to request services or get help fixing issues. This service is for non-emergency issues only. If this is an emergency, please dial 9-1-1. For immediate non-emergency assistance, please dial (847) 588-6500. Select a category below to get started, or visit the SeeClickFix starting page.

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Instructions for reporting an issue:

  1. Select a service request Category from the menu choices above that best matches your issue to get started (you will have the opportunity to select from a full list of additional request types later in the process).
  2. Type in the address/location of the service request or drag the map marker to the location of your concern.
  3. Click "Confirm Location."
  4. Attach an Image if possible and click "Next Step."
  5. Add a detailed description and click "Confirm Details."
  6. Choose Submit as Yourself, Hide Your Identity, or Submit as a Guest, if applicable.
  7. Submit your request.

More information:

Click on a category in the list above to connect to SeeClickFix, then follow the directions to enter the location of the issue, confirm the type of request from a full list of options, add an image (if you have one), type in the description, follow the prompts, and submit! As this system is not monitored 24/7, issues related to public safety or those requiring immediate attention (wires or tree limbs down, etc.) should be reported directly to the Niles Police Non-Emergency Line at 847-588-6500. Note that some categories above will refer you to other information or contact information outside of the Customer Service Request system, based on the nature of the topic.

Having trouble with this new request system? Use the Village's previous Request Tracker system here for a limited time.

Thank you for helping to improve the Village of Niles.

If this is an emergency, please dial 911. For immediate non-emergency assistance, please dial 847-588-6500.