Virtual - Culture Club

Latin(x) Identity  (Virtual)

F, Oct 16 | 3pm  
Have you ever wondered why there are so many boxes to check on the Census when it comes to “Hispanic/Latino?” No other ethnic group gets so many options, so why is it different for Latinos? This program will discuss race and ethnicity in Latin America, and why the issues faced in this regard are so unique to Latinx people.
Please email Milcah at to participate.


Who Are They (Virtual)

F, Oct 30 | 3pm
Spanish is the same language everywhere, so there can’t be much difference between Mexico, Cuba, and Bolivia, right? WRONG! Each region and country in Latin America has its own unique food, language, music, and culture. This presentation will consider the most common Latinx cultures found in Chicago, and consider how culture differs in the Caribbean, Central America and South America.  Please email Milcah at to participate.