Strategic Planning

A Strategic Plan is a high-level planning document aimed at providing guidance and operational direction for an organization.

During 2020, the Village of Niles undertook strategic planning for the first time.  Through the strategic planning process, Niles has been able to:

  • Clarify the organizational values.
  • Articulate a vision for where the organization wants to be.
  • Identify the challenges facing the organization.
  • Develop action steps to meet mandates and achieve the organizational vision.
  • Implement strategies to adapt to environmental change.

A copy of Niles' 2020 Strategic Plan can be found here. The Village Board formally adopted the Strategic Plan on January 26, 2021 at a regular Board Meeting.

Strategic planning is a preferred approach to guiding an organization’s future rather than making decisions issue by issue. The Village of Niles engaged the Center for Governmental Studies (CGS) at Northern Illinois University (NIU) to facilitate a strategic planning workshop with Board and senior staff members in September of 2020. Prior to the two half-day workshops, two online surveys were sent to the Finance and Planning and Zoning committees and a Village front-line staff focus group was conducted to gather input on the Village’s future vision and goals.ST Pillars

The Village of Niles will continue to add updates and content to this page as the Strategic Plan is developed and implemented.

General Government/IT Committee Meeting Presentation January 2021

Board of Trustees Presentation January 2021

Executive Summary

2021 Strategic Plan and Goal Development Update/Realignment

Action Planning Document