Strategic Planning

A Strategic Plan is a high-level planning document aimed at providing guidance and operational direction for an organization.

The Village of Niles Board of Trustees adopted the Strategic Plan on January 26, 2021 copy of Niles' 2020 Strategic Plan can be found here, after holding a series of strategic planning meetings.  The Board identified five overarching priorities and the stakeholders developed each of the priority goals in each of the sections. In the Fall of 2021, the Board of Trustees realigned the Strategic Plan which can be found here

ST Pillars

The Strategic Plan provides a vision forward for the Village of Niles to achieve several milestones toward improving quality of life, increasing economic opportunities, and improving the overall health of the Niles community. The Plan includes success indicators that each of the Village departments will track and measure their progress in meeting these milestones. 

Executive Summary

2021 Strategic Plan and Goal Development Update/Realignment

Action Planning Document