TED Talks


How One Photo Captured a Humanitarian Crisis

F, Sep 9|10am|No Cost

"It took only one picture -- the picture of that little boy on the beach -- to move us to be human," says Tima Kurdi, whose nephew Alan Kurdi's death in 2015 made global headlines and drew attention to the plight of refugees. In this moving talk, Kurdi argues that it shouldn't take extreme tragedies to jar the world out of its complacency regarding the refugee crisis, and makes an impassioned plea for more people to speak up and raise awareness.



The Dark History of Mount Rushmore

F, Oct 14|10am|No Cost

Between 1927 and 1941, workers blasted 450,000 tons of rock from a mountainside using chisels, jackhammers, and dynamite. Gradually, they carved out Mount Rushmore. Today, the monument draws nearly 3 million people to South Dakota's Black Hills every year. But its façade belies a dark history. Ned Blackhawk and Jeffrey D. Means explore the destruction of the sacred Six Grandfathers Mountain. (Directed Anton Bogaty, narrated by Jake Hart, music by Cem Misirlioglu and Greg Chudzik).