Trip Cancellation Policy

Fees for day trips are non-refundable within 10 working days of the trip if a replacement cannot be found.  Please call  and speak with a staff person if you cannot attend the trip.  If we are successful in finding a replacement, the payor of the trip will receive a refund by account credit, refund check or a refund to the credit card used at the time of registration.


Holiday Lights & More

W, Dec 6|Check-in 2:15pm|Depart 2:45-8:45pm|$58M/$68NM 

(Anticipate moderate walking)  

We will start with an early dinner at The Patio; please select a meal option 1) ¼ rotisserie chicken, side salad, potato, cole slaw 2) chicken kabob with green pepper & onion served over pita bread with rice pilaf 3) spaghetti marinara, French bread. Each meal will come with a side salad and beverage.  Next we  head to the Yorktown Mall for some Holiday Shopping.  Tim Wilsey is our step-on tour guide for the evening; he will talk us through the Lombard, Villa Park, and Addison lights, dessert will be provided during the tour.    


holiday lights

White Fence Farms Denny Diamond Holiday Show

Th, Dec 14|Check-in 9:30am|Depart 10am-4pm $70M/$80NM

(Anticipate minimal walking)  

Neil, Elvis, Tom, Barry, Broadway, and many others, including classic holiday favorites; it's just an old-fashioned musical variety show.  Your lunch includes four pieces of the famous White Fence Farm chicken, homemade corn fritters, baked potato, cottage cheese, kidney bean salad, coleslaw, and pickled beets.  In addition, a choice of one coffee, tea, or soft drink beverage.  No refills on soft drinks.  A cash bar is available.


white fence farm