Counseling Services

Using a holistic perspective, we embrace the needs of the whole person all aspects of their well-being.   We have well-trained staff that have a wide range of therapeutic specialties, and work to match residents with the best counselor for them.   Our team offers counseling services in several different languages, and we offer a variety of therapy for children, adolescents, adults, and seniors.


Individual and Family Counseling

Our staff consists of trained social workers and professional counselors.   Therapists are trained in a variety of therapeutic approaches and specializations, and every effort will be made to match residents seeking services with the therapist that is the best fit for their individual needs.   

The first step in seeking services from Niles Family Services is calling our office.   During the call, our guest relations staff will gather information to help determine the assignment of a therapist for services.   Our case coordinator reviews the information and will assign a case to one of our counselors to set up an intake.   A therapist will then follow up with you to set-up an initial intake appointment.   On your first visit, you will complete intake forms, and provide proof of residency and insurance (if applicable).   During this first appointment, our trained staff will complete a psychosocial assessment and work with you on a plan for services for you and/or your family.  

Our office offers flexible options for therapy services, and will work with you and/or your family to determine the best fit for your personal situation.  The first step in getting help is making the call and engaging with us!   

Group Counseling

Family Services offers a variety of groups for residents in the community as well.   These groups are typically focused on a particular need or population, such as seniors or teens, or recovery from addiction.   Family Services also conducts groups in the community including local schools, and the Niles Teen Center.   Our groups can be therapeutic groups, or educational or activity-based.   More information on groups can be found by navigating our pages based on what type of group you are seeking - for example, under our main menu, you can discover the latest groups for Seniors 60+ which include social groups, relationship-focused groups, and a variety of educational groups geared towards older adults!  

Specialized Counseling Services

Engage Program 

 Our Engage program is our newest specialty program, that works with residents and families that are struggling with addiction and related challenges of domestic violence, anger management, and legal issues.  Family Services has staff members that are trained counselors in alcohol and drug counseling, and domestic violence counseling.  

More information on the Engage Program is available by navigating to the Engage Program tab on our homepage. 

Other Specialty Services

Our counselors also have training in specialized therapies based on the individual client needs.   Some of these include trauma-informed therapies, dialectical behavioral therapy, EMDR, and Brainspotting.   Please contact the office for more information on these and any other therapies you may be looking for.   Our staff will assist you in finding help, whether it is with us or another provider, we strive to engage with Niles residents to get them the help that is best for them.