Vision & Mission

Our Mission

The mission of Niles Family Services is to promote the social and emotional well-being of the residents in the Village of Niles.


Our Vision

To provide care to all of the residents in the Village of Niles, demonstrating compassion, sensitivity, and cultural competence. 


Our Approach

Niles Family Services provides services in the Village of Niles using a holistic approach, which considers all aspects of stress on families and individuals.  The department works with residents to improve well-being by tackling challenges from all sides, with a realistic and stress-reducing focus.  The department’s goal is to build community in Niles through engagement with all residents, no matter their situation.  We work to build supportive networks between local residents, their families, schools and the larger community.

The Village of Niles is one of few municipalities that provides this degree of professional service to all residents.   The department can assist residents in elements of personal, family and community life and works with them on improving success for themselves and their families.

Niles Family Services has a strong commitment to all cultures in our community, with services provided in multiple languages.  This multicultural approach also strengthens our ability to engage all residents in the community, reduces the stigma associated with services and improves outcomes in the community that are more prevention focused, and by intervening earlier in an effort to prevent a crisis.