Walking and Biking in Niles

Bicyclist rides in the forest preserve on a trail

Niles enhances opportunities for residents to enjoy the outdoors by making walking and biking safe, viable modes of transportation. Read on to learn more. In an effort to improve safety for walkers and bikers, the Village just updated their Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan. Click here to view the update!

Bike and Pedestrian Safety

Bike Lane Arrows on Shared StreetsShared Lane Markings

Shared lane markings on a street (like the one pictured here) indicate a recommended bike route, demarcate the preferred riding path for a cyclist, and also serve as a visual reminder to motorists to share the road with bikes. These "sharrows" make cycling safer on streets with lower traffic volumes and speeds, and on streets where there is not enough room for a full bike lane. These markings can be found on a number of streets throughout Niles.

Voice of the People: Excellence in Mobility

Voice of the People award badgeThe Village of Niles won the 2020 Voice of the People Award for Excellence in Mobility, demonstrating a commitment to best practices in the community related to accessibility, and improvements to bike paths, walkways and roads. The Voice of the People Awards are a national awards program that honors local governments based on feedback from residents. The awards are presented by National Research Center (NRC) at Polco and the International City & County Management Association (ICMA). They acknowledge local governments with the highest or most improved ratings on The National Community Survey™  (The NCS) and that take the best actions based on their data.

Visit the Polco website for more on the award and How Niles Improves Quality of Life Through Ease of Transportation.


Howard Street North Branch Trail Crossing

As part of the redesign and reconstruction of Howard Street, a state-of-the-art crossing for the North Branch Trail was installed. The crossing includes a brightly painted crosswalk, added signage, and rectangular rapid flashing beacons. Learn more about the project and watch a video about safely using this crossing on the Howard Street Crossing page.

Report a Bike/Pedestrian Issue

You can report an issue with bike or pedestrian infrastructure by using the Village's Request Tracker system. Fill out this form to notify the Public Works Department of any issues you would like to see addressed.

Robert Amling's Memorial Bike Route

The Robert Amling’s Memorial Bike Route is the first dedicated bike route in the Village of Niles. It is a part of the Village's overall multi-modal plan that fits into our larger 2030 Comprehensive Plan for the Village of Niles. Learn more on the Robert Amling's Memorial Bike Route page.

Bike Route Maps

Robert W. Amling Memorial Bike Route Map

Plans and Committees

A bicyclist crosses the pedestrian bridge over Oakton StreetBicycle and Pedestrian Plan

The Village of Niles Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan was adopted in 2014, with an update adopted in 2022. The Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan and 2022 Update aims to promote safety, connectivity, health, quality of life, and growth in Niles. The plan recommends more than 35 miles of improved walking and bicycling network infrastructure, intersection improvements, and recommendations for policies and programs that will make walking and biking more accessible and enjoyable for both residents and visitors of Niles.

You can view the 2022 Update here, and the 2014 Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan here.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan Advisory Group

The Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan Advisory Group is an ad hoc committee to advise the Village Board of Trustees on the implementation and updating of the 2014 Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan, bicyclist and pedestrian projects, programs, and policies within the Villages road jurisdiction. Learn more on the Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan Advisory Group page.

Complete Streets Policy

The Village of Niles seeks to create a comprehensive, integrated, and connected transportation network where every roadway user can travel safely and comfortably, and—where practicable and feasible—sustainable transportation options are considered. These goals can be accomplished through creating a network of "Complete Streets," which are specially designed to assure safe mobility for users of all ages and abilities, including pedestrians, cyclists, transit riders, and motorists. Read the Village's Complete Streets Policy to learn more.

Niles Cycling Classic Banner

Cyclists compete at the Niles Cycling ClassicNiles Cycling Classic

From 2017 to 2019, the Village of Niles hosted the Niles Cycling Classic, a part of the Intelligentsia Cup series. The Niles Cycling Classic brought criterium-style racing to the Oak Park neighborhood of Niles, filling the streets with exciting racing and drawing neighbors to enjoy live entertainment and food vendors. The Niles Cycling Classic drew increased visibility to Niles as a town that supports bicycling and other healthy, eco-friendly modes of transportation.