Streets, Sidewalks, & Alleys

Sidewalk Infill Program

The Village has an extensive public sidewalk network, approximately 135 miles long. However, there are sidewalk gaps located throughout the Village on local and arterial streets. A total of 28 miles of gaps were identified in the 2014 Village of Niles Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan, and a sidewalk gap infill process was planned in five phases. The Village is currently working with a consulting engineer to design the second phase of the sidewalk infill. This phase includes sidewalks along State and County owned roads: Golf Road, Dempster Street, Ballard Road, Greenwood Avenue, and Caldwell Avenue. The Village is currently seeking State and County approval as well as grant funding for construction of the sidewalks. Village staff have met with property owners along the Golf Road corridor to discuss the project. If you have questions or comments about sidewalk construction please contact the Village of Niles Engineering Division at 847-588-7900.

Streets and Alleys

There is a survey of streets and alleys to determine their condition conducted each year. Many streets and alleys that can be repaired are scheduled each year based upon budget limitations.

The sidewalk program identifies potentially hazardous sidewalks or ones which have deteriorated and are in need of replacement. Approximately $250,000 - $300,000 is spent annually on the sidewalk program.
Mousa Nazzal, Superintendent of Engineering Surveying a Project