Phase 1 - State of the Village

What was the State of the Village?

The goal of the first phase was to gain an understanding of existing conditions in Niles and to initiate a community engagement program. The Village concluded Phase 1 with the completion of the State of the Village Report which can be viewed here.

What is included in the State of the Village Report?

Phase 1 included an assessment and analysis of various land use issues, zoning, parks and open space, physical conditions and urban design elements, transportation conditions, demographic and economic market conditions, infrastructure, and utilities.  The report also includes information about Niles' history, its regional context and setting, a demographic profile, a review of past plans and studies, and key takeaways from the early research, mapping and analysis, and stakeholder interviews and other community engagement efforts.

Phase 1 Community Engagement

The Village of Niles implemented an extensive community outreach strategy for this planning process that incorporated the perspective of numerous community stakeholders including residents, business and property owners, school and public administrators, transportation agency representatives, community groups, elected and appointed officials, and Village staff.  A strong online and virtual format for public engagement and interaction activities was used to gather community feedback regarding existing conditions, issues, and opportunities for growth and redevelopment, planning goals and strategies, and the community vision for the future of Niles.  A document was prepared that analyzed the Phase 1 Community Engagement efforts and can be viewed here.