Phase 2 - Community Visioning

What is Phase 2 - Community Visioning?

The Community Visioning phase explored a range of ideas, strategies, and policies for future physical improvements to key target opportunity areas of the Village. It included a community workshop and other pop-up engagement opportunities, including attendance at the open houses for the Niles Public Works and Fire Departments . The draft of the updated comprehensive plan was also started during this phase.

Phase 2 Community Engagement 

To kick-off phase 2, Community Visioning, the planning team hosted two informational pop-up booths during Village hosted events. The first was held on September 18, 2021, during the Niles Public Works Open House, and then again on September 25, 2021, during the Niles Fire Department Open House and Pancake Breakfast. These events where an opportunity to share project information with the community and provide an opportunity for the public to provide input and share their vision for the future of Niles.

The Village also hosted a Community Visioning Workshop for the Niles 2040 Comprehensive Plan on Wednesday, September 29, 2021, from 6-8 PM. The purpose of the workshop was to provide an update about the project tasks completed to date and learn about the vision and desires the public has for the future of Niles. Approximately thirty-five participants attended the workshop. A follow-up online survey was released to the public after the workshop, mirroring the exercises done during the workshop, to provide an opportunity to receive additional feedback for those unable to attend. 

A document was prepared that analyzed the Phase 2 Community Engagement efforts and can be viewed here.

Key Themes from Phase 1 and 2 Community Engagement Efforts

A robust engagement process built on the voices and ideas of community stakeholders, residents, business owners, local leasers, and more, revealed the following key planning themes that guided the development of the Comprehensive Plan.

  • Niles is Known for its Strong System of Community Resources. 
  • Improve Recreational Opportunities in Niles. 
  • Celebrate Niles’ Diversity. 
  • Diversify the Housing Stock. 
  • Attract and Retain Empty Nesters and Families. 
  • Make Niles a Destination through Arts, Culture, and Entertainment. 
  • Reinvest in and Reimagine Golf Mill and Touhy Triangle. 
  • Strengthen Niles’ Identity along the Milwaukee Avenue Corridor. 
  • Improve Walkability and Connectivity throughout the Village.