Urban Forestry

There are over 10,000 trees on village right of ways which have been valued at over 12 million dollars. This valuable resource adds much to the character of the village, and that is why the Public Services Department has an active Urban Forestry Program directed by a staff member who is a certified arborist.

Trees & Property Value

Research has demonstrated that residential and commercial property values rise as the number and size of trees increase and as overall tree condition improves.

Studies have also found that a tree in an urban area may be up to 15 times more effective at mitigating air pollution and environmental problems than the same tree in a wooded area.  Also, shading an air conditioner can improve appliance efficiency by 40%.
2019 Forestry Department

Managing Tree Resources

To effectively manage our tree resources, an inventory of all trees located on parkways was compiled, allowing us to approach tree trimming and planting in a systematic, proactive basis.

In regard to tree trimming, the village has established a program of trimming all trees approximately once every five years.


Trees are trimmed to ensure:
  • Proper growing patterns
  • Removal of any dead branches
  • Removal of low branches which could be struck by vehicles
  • Structural integrity
Maps of areas to be trimmed are provided prior to the start of the program.

Tree Planting

The Village of Niles helps the urban forest in Niles grow by planting new trees on parkway locations each year. The tree planting occurs every spring and fall. Care is taken to plant trees that:
  • Are able to thrive in the climatic conditions
  • Have a good life expectancy
  • Require standard maintenance
  • Will help diversify Niles' urban forest
Additionally, each site is reviewed to match the proper tree species to the conditions of each site.
Tree Removal - 2016
Tree Planting

Additional Information

The Village of Niles is committed to providing residents with tree planting programs and high quality maintenance for existing trees. Working with nature, Niles' Urban Forestry Program will provide an improved quality of life for the citizens of Niles, both in aesthetic and economic value. The following documents explain more about our forestry program and provides residents a guide when planting a tree on private property.

Ordinance 2014-62

Arboricultural Specifications and Standards

Restricted Tree List

If you are interested in having your parkway considered for a new tree, please contact the Village Forester at 847-588-7900.