Community Policing 

Community Policing is based on the broken windows theory, which states that if there are broken windows, abandoned autos, or homes in disrepair then residents will care very little for what goes on in their community. If, however, the community repairs broken windows and removes those abandoned autos, then residents will have a stronger bond to their community and neighborhood and will become involved in what goes on there. As a result, crime is reduced, neighbors become friendlier, and the quality of life improves.

Community Policing Unit

In 2001, the Niles Police Department instituted an aggressive Community Policing Unit (COPS), whose goal is to improve the quality of life in the assigned beats. In order to achieve this goal, officers meet monthly with residents, property owners, and business owners to address specific issues in their beats. As the public's point of contact, the beat officer can direct the appropriate village service to assist and solve problems. Dedicating a uniformed police officer to a specific beat provides a sense of pride and ownership, making the officer's work more personal and rewarding as problems within the beat are resolved. The COPS Beats are usually formed in the areas where there are multi-unit residential units.

The Niles Community Policing Unit has initiated four dedicated beats during the history of the program. As problems are rectified and the quality of life improves, the need for monthly meetings decreases. The Beat stays intact and there is still an Officer acting as a liaison with the residents. Currently only the Nordica St. Beat is having monthly meetings as the other Beats have addressed the issues of concern and the residents no longer feel the need for the frequency of meetings. If issues arise, the Beat Officer will schedule a meeting for the Beat.

The Village has been divided into 14 beats with 2 Officers on opposite shifts assigned to each beat.