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Niles Senior Center Update - November 2020

Due to recent restrictions with COVID-19, the Niles Senior Center facility is closed until further notice and all in-person programs have been cancelled.  Please note that we are open by appointment only for services such as Medicare, Benefit Access, Lending Closet and will continue the congregate meals with the Center of Concern.

The NSC is dedicated to providing virtual programming during this time and to continue engaging with our members, residents and and all who wish to participate in our programs.  

For a copy of the most recent Niles Senior Center Virtual Program Guide, please click here.
Please call 847-588-8420 to register.

Volunteer Assistance
The Niles Senior Center, Family Services and Teen Center have teamed up with area schools to recruit students who would like to give back to their community.  The Niles Community Youth Crew is made up of local teens providing service to Niles residents.  If you are a Senior and/or a disabled Niles resident and in need of assistance, please contact Jaymi at (847)588-8420.  We will do our best to match you up with an available volunteer.  The tasks available includes, Technology Assistance, assisting with pulling garbage cans to the curb each week, Pen Pal program, yard work, and snow shoveling.  Please note, this is a volunteer based program. 

Medicare Open Enrollment

For 2021 coverage, open enrollment is from October 15 through December 7, 2020.  For more information, click here.

Nicor Gas Scam Awareness

Please be careful when allowing anyone in to your home.  Please click here for more information on the current Nicor Gas Scam.  

Free Things to Do & See Online

During this time, many of us may be in our homes, but it does not mean that we cannot have fun or see the beautiful things in this world. Click here to go to our page of virtual entertainment. We will continue to add ideas over the coming days  Enjoy!

4/17/20 -Executive Directive - Wear Face Coverings

Everyone is expected to wear a face covering in public settings

Mayor Przybylo has signed Executive Directive 2020-01, which directs the Niles community to follow CDC guidelines and wear a face covering when out in public to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, effective immediately. It includes situations such as shopping for groceries and working in or patronizing businesses that are open to the public, as social distancing can be difficult to maintain in these enclosed public spaces. The directive does not apply when people are walking or running outside, provided they are maintaining 6-foot social distancing from others. It also does not apply when driving alone in your car, while eating and drinking, or when doing so creates a greater risk.

The Mayor’s directive also allows businesses to refuse admission or service to individuals who are not wearing a face covering that covers the nose and mouth.

Homemade cloth masks are acceptable for this directive, provided they cover the nose and mouth. The Village understands that many residents may have questions or concerns about this new directive, and appreciates the cooperation of the public.

More information, instructions for making your own cloth face covering, and a notice that businesses may download and post, are available on our website at

Coronavirus Scams to Avoid

Scammers are quick to exploit emergencies to exploit money, the Coronavirus pandemic is no exception.  Please exercise caution and do not give out any personal information over the phone or over email.  If you are looking for services, please use online reviews and recommendations from friends to find verifiable and reputable companies.  Following are links with helpful information.

Registration Policy 

Register Early: A lot of planning goes into creating quality programs for our
members and guests.   If you are interested in a program, please sign up early to ensure that your class is not cancelled.  Registration may be made by check by mail, Visa, Mastercard or Discover. Credit card payments can be made online or over the phone at this time.  

Village of Niles e-Newsletter

Want to learn more about community events, public services, and business developments in the Village of Niles?  Subscribe to the Niles e-Newsletter!  Twice a month, the Village's e-mail newsletter brings insider information to subscribers' inboxes, highlighting family fun around town and ways to get involved in your community.  Visit to subscribe!

Online Customer Service Survey 

At the Niles Senior Center, we strive to make your experience a most enjoyable one and we value your thoughts and feedback.  Please take a moment to complete our online Customer Service survey, simply click here.  Thank you.

Online Registration 

If you have an account and an email address on file at the Niles Senior Center you may now register online for programs and events.  Simply click on the "Online Registration" link to the left side of the page for further instructions and to register for events. If you do not have an account or email address on file at the NSC, please call us for assistance.


Village of Niles e-Newsletter

Want to

Village of Niles e-Newsletter

Want to

Village of Niles e-Newsletter

Want to learn more about community events, public services, and business developments in the Villa

Village of Niles e-Newsletter

Want to learn more about community events, public services, and business developments in the Villa
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