Additional GIS Information

  • Standard GIS maps are available in PDF format for download or on paper. The standard size for Village of Niles maps is 11 inches by 17 inches or 36 inches by 48 inches.
  • A list of standard maps is available on our website or from the Standard Request Packet.
  • Custom GIS maps are delivered in PDF format. Custom GIS data requests are delivered in ESRI format (File Geodatabase [FGDB] is preferred, Shapefile [.shp] by request only). A nominal fee may be incurred at the discretion of the GIS coordinator depending on the nature and size of the request. The Commercial Use Worksheet must be filled out completely and the Geographical Data Licensing Agreement must be signed.
Request Forms
All requests for GIS data must be submitted to the Village of Niles GIS Department on the appropriate request forms. All custom requests are reviewed and approved or denied by the GIS coordinator. The village reserves the right to restrict data access for protection of privacy or if it is determined to be in the best interest of the village.

Non-Village Data
The village only provides access to data created and maintained by the village.

Metadata is available for all data created by and maintained at the village. The metadata will be provided along with the GIS data when it is delivered in a native ESRI format.

  • The Village of Niles has developed a Geographic Information System (GIS) database from existing public records that the Village of Niles is mandated to maintain in order to carry out the normal functions of the Village of Niles.
  • The Village of Niles makes no claims as to the reliability of the original data collection process and is not responsible for inaccuracies that could have occurred due to errors in the original data input or undetectable errors due to electronic transfer of the data from system to system or system to disk.
  • The Village of Niles customarily uses this data for planning purposes and record keeping, and the Village of Niles is not responsible for any other use of this public information. The data are only designed to be displayed with GIS maps whose representational scale is no smaller than 1:1200. If it comes to the village's attention that this information is being used for commercial purposes, we will retain the right to withhold this information from the requester.
  • The Village of Niles has accumulated this data in pursuance of its governmental function. This information is provided as required under the Freedom of Information Act and the village, its officers, and employees assert their full legal rights under governmental immunity for any liability arising from any act of omission or commission with respect to the information furnished.
  • The village makes no claim as to the accuracy of the base maps and their associated data tables and assumes no responsibility for their positional or content accuracy.
  • In providing data (or access to it) the village assumes no obligation to assist the contractor in the use of the data, or in the development, use or maintenance of any applications applied to the data.
  • The village assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of any subsequent copies of the licensed data, made and distributed within the licensee's organization.