Planning & Zoning

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Planning and Zoning's primary responsibility is to support the implementation of the Village’s objectives concerning planning and community development. Planning and Zoning is tasked with administering the Zoning Ordinance. This includes reviewing all proposals and applications for code compliance, processing applications for zoning relief (such as variances and special uses) and providing other zoning information as needed. Our staff works with homeowners, developers, and local businesses to ensure that land use in the Village is consistent with the adopted zoning code and long term planning.

Long Term Planning

The Village of Niles adopted its comprehensive plan in 2011, and has undertaken several smaller area plans since, in an effort to help guide the Village’s future development and redevelopment. The Planning and Zoning Staff are tasked with coordinating these long range planning efforts. The plans listed to the left detail the Village’s long range vision for development and include directives regarding land use, transportation, community facilities, open space, sustainability, community character and urban design.

Zoning Applications

Zoning is the process by which the Village of Niles regulates land use. The Zoning Ordinance of the Village Code describes regulations for the entire Village and for specific zoning districts regarding building density, building height, parking regulations, permitted land uses and more. The Planning and Zoning Board is a recommending body that meets once each month to consider proposals for businesses that require special use permits and variations, and proposals for other activities related to land development such as plats of consolidation, plats of subdivision, zoning map amendments, and annexations. Planning and Zoning staff are available to assist homeowners, businesses and developers with the zoning application process. 

Zoning Verification Letters

The Planning and Zoning department can provide research for properties located with the Village of Niles corporate boundaries.  You can obtain this information by submitting a request for a zoning verification Letter.