General Policy

The Purchasing Division of the Village of Niles is under the auspices of the Finance Department. The Purchasing Agent is responsible for assuring that all purchasing is done in conformity with existing policies and procedures. The Village procedures allow Department Directors and other qualified users to contract for purchases, within set limits.


Purchasing is done with two objectives in mind:
  • Have sufficient quantities on hand to facilitate timely completion of work
  • Procure at the lowest possible cost, from the most qualified bidder, for the quality / quantity needed

Code of Ethics

In addition, the objectives must be accomplished with the utmost measure of fairness and integrity. The Village has published a Code of Ethics for purchasing that is an integral part of the overall purchasing process.
  • All purchases to be paid by village funds are to be made through the Purchasing Division.
  • All purchasing shall be made, if possible, by competitive bids or quotations in order to secure at the lowest total cost, and from the most responsible bidder, the highest quality commodity, material, equipment, or service.
  • All things being equal, the village will give all possible consideration to local business establishments, providing they are competitive in their bidding, quotations, and/or services.

Prevailing Wage Rates 

The Village has adopted the prevailing wages as determined by the Illinois Department of Labor for Cook County. Such prevailing wage rates establish the minimum wages, overtime rate and fringe benefits to be paid by the contractor and any subcontractors to all laborers, workers, mechanics, and owner/operators employed under this contract.  The contractor shall post a copy of the current scale of prevailing wages to be paid in a prominent and easily accessible place at the site of the work.  Any revisions to the General Wage Decision prior to the date of the contract shall be in force for the duration of the contract.  All contractors and subcontractors rendering services that fall under prevailing wage work must comply with all requirements of the Act, including but not limited to, all wage, notice and record keeping duties. Please refer to the Illinois Department of Labor website for the current rates. 

Bidder List

The Purchasing Agent is responsible for maintaining a bidders list or suppliers list. Those contractors wishing to be placed on the bidders list should fill out the Vendor/Supplier Registration Form.