Billing Information

Billing Information
To remit payment by mail, or to drop it off at the Administration Building night deposit box, detach the bottom portion of the bill and send it along with your payment in the pre-addressed envelope provided. Your standard size check and the bottom portion of the bill will fit in the envelope without folding.

If you have any questions regarding your bill, please call the Village of Niles Finance Department at 847-588-8030.
Water billBill Explanation
  • 1 - Message Center
    Be sure to refer to this area of your bill each month. This area will contain important notices and information about village services, activities, and events.
  • 2 - Bill Date
    The day your bill was mailed.
  • 3 - Account, District, Meter
    Your account number and district number have been assigned by the Village of Niles. Your meter number is the actual number on your water meter. Note: Please include your account number when paying by check.
  • 4 - Service Name & Address
    The address that receives the water service.
  • 5 - Account Activity
    This section contains all account activity from your prior bill to your current bill such as readings, charges, payments, and comments.
  • 6 - Current Reading
    Please fill in your current reading from your water meter if this section appears on your bill. Not all customers will be required to provide a current reading.
  • 7 - Statement Balance Section
    If there is an amount due on the current bill, this section will provide amounts due before and after the penalty date. The amount owed, if received after the indicated due date, is the balance due plus a 10% penalty on the current water billing amount (actual or estimated). If the balance on the account is a credit, the credit balance will appear in this section without a payment due date.
  • 8 - Amount Paid
    Please enter the amount that is being paid if there is a balance due. If there is a credit on the account, a "No Payment Due" message will appear in this field.
  • 9 - Mailing Address
    This is your mailing address. Any changes to this address must be requested in writing and mailed to the Finance Department.