Sandbags & Sand Available for Residents

Updated 04/03/2011

There are very few locations in the Village of Niles where sandbags are necessary. However, the Stormwater Commission wanted to ensure residents had access to sand and sandbags if they required them. The village has a supply of sand and sand bags at its Public Services Facility at 6849 W. Touhy Avenue. Contact Public Services at 847-588-7900 to set up a time to fill the bags. The property owner is responsible for filling and transporting the sand bags for their own use. Sufficient time should be allotted for this activity.

To wait until a flood is happening is not the best time to begin protecting your home. There are several ways to protect your home in advance from flood damage. The Engineering Department 847-588-7920 can assist you in identifying methods that might be appropriate for your property. The following websites are excellent guides in assisting you in identifying your specific flooding problem and what methods are available for protection: