Flood Protection

Updated 01/05/2011

The village subscribes to a local weather forecasting service and closely monitors upcoming weather conditions. Preparation for any significant rain event begins long before the first raindrops fall. Storm sewer inlets and low-lying streets in neighborhoods where flooding results in property damage are checked and the inlets cleared and/or the streets cleaned. Barricades for street closures where major flooding has occurred in the past are locally staged for erection in case they are needed. Public Works vehicles also carry barricades on-board so they can be quickly erected where needed. Public Works staff is either kept on duty or placed on emergency call so they are available before the rains start.

However, you, the property owner, are responsible for protective measures for your individual home and property, including sandbagging, pumping, turning electricity off, etc. To wait until a flood is happening is not the best time to begin protecting your home. There are several ways to protect your home in advance from flood damage. The Engineering Department (847-588-7900) can assist you in identifying methods that might be appropriate for your property. The following websites are excellent guides in assisting you in identifying your specific flooding problem and what methods are available for protection: