Conducting Field Work for Sewer System Analysis

Stormwater Commission to be Conducting Field Work for Sewer System Analysis
Updated 06/15/2010

The Stormwater Commission held a kickoff meeting with Hey and Associates on Tuesday, June 15, 2010. The goal of this meeting was to review project goals, tasks, and the timeline. In addition, field work coordination with village staff was finalized and will begin immediately.

This field work will consist of collecting sewer system data throughout the village over the next several months. The collection of this data may require temporary lane detours to protect personnel as they lift manhole covers and measure inverts within the sewers. This work may also require some personnel to enter rear yards to investigate existing drainage systems.

The data collected will then be used to conduct sewer system analysis and modeling. Modeling will allow Hey to identify flood risk associated with the existing drainage system performance. Once problems have been diagnosed, Hey and the Stormwater Commission will work to identify feasible solutions and a long-term capital plan.

“There is plenty of work that must be completed between now and the final engineering report planned for November,” stated Assistant Village Manager Steven Vinezeano. “As we work in the field to collect hard sewer data for analysis, we must also tackle and wrap up a number of technically challenging issues.”