Village Approves Stormwater Firm Agreement

Village Approves Stormwater Firm Agreement With Hey & Associates
Updated 05/26/2010

On May 25, 2010, the Village Board approved an engineering services agreement for stormwater analysis and planning with Hey and Associates. Hey and Associates was recommended by the Stormwater Commission after a thorough selection process that began with 19 engineering firms responding to a request for proposal.

“A prime goal established by the 2009 Stormwater Commission Report was to employ an engineering services consulting firm to provide stormwater systems modeling, analysis, operation enhancements, and a recommended capital improvement program,” stated Commission Chair, Trustee Joe LoVerde. “This is a big leap forward for the community.”

The Stormwater Commission has successfully moved forward with other established goals within the Stormwater Commission Report, such as the approval of six ordinance amendments designed to reduce the likelihood of a number of flooding issues in the future, the development of stormwater education for homeowners, the continuation of the sewer rodding program, reestablishment of the slip-lining program, and a notable number of capital projects completed and/or identified for implementation to reduce stormwater runoff by the Niles Park District, Saint Adalbert Cemetery, Maryhill Cemetery, Park Ridge, and Cook County.

Hey and Associates will work directly with the Stormwater Commission over the next 10 months to fulfill the following Scope of Services:
  1. Review Data and Identify Data Needs
  2. Conduct Sewer System Analysis and Modeling
  3. Develop Prioritized Capital Improvement Plan
  4. Prepare Stormwater Master Plan
  5. Project Management and Meetings
As in the past, homeowners will be contacted throughout the process and invited to an open house to review engineering findings before a final Stormwater Master Plan is presented to the Village Board of Trustees.

View Hey and Associates Engineering Services Agreement.