Stormwater Commission Report on September 22, 2009

Stormwater Commission Report to Board of Trustees on September 22, 2009
Updated 9/23/2009

Action Requested at Meeting and Approved:
  1. Ordinance amendment (2009-43) to reduce the likelihood of rear yard flooding and the negative impact to adjoining properties caused by fences that impede or divert the natural flow of stormwater runoff.
  2. Ordinance amendment (2009-44) to prohibit below grade openings to attached garages unless approved by Engineering Department.
  3. Ordinance amendment (2009-45) to reduce incidents of lateral failure and the resulting backups and infiltration into the combined sewer system by requiring drainage work of new construction and major reconstruction to utilize SDR-26 pipe or equal.
  4. Ordinance amendment (2009-46) regarding the connection and discharge of footing drains. This amendment will help to reduce the negative impacts of sewer backup by reducing stormwater inflow into the village's combined sewer system.
  5. Ordinance amendment (2009-47) to require examination and testing of old building sewers to be used in connection with new or major remodeling to ensure the old sewer will meet requirements.
  6. Stormwater Commission will begin the process of identifying and interviewing engineering consulting firms for the purpose of establishing a scope of work based on study findings and an estimated cost.
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