Stormwater Commission Report

Updated 09/22/2009

Stormwater Commission ReportThe 100-year storm and flood of September 2008 was devastating for an untold number of homeowners in the Village of Niles and surrounding municipalities. Not since August of 1987 was there a comparable rainfall on record. It is estimated that the 2008 flood impacted 10% to 15% of ground level homes in the village and cost nearly $2 million in damages and cleanup, not to mention the untold loss of irreplaceable family heirlooms, memories, and general peace of mind.

The purpose of this report, however, is not simply to recount the flood event of 2008, but more importantly to provide a comprehensive look at more persistent stormwater conditions within the Village of Niles that occur during intense two- and five-year storm events, such as those experienced in March 2009 when we had nearly two inches of rain on frozen ground and June of 2009 when a record breaking three inches caused flash flooding in streets. To accomplish this, the Stormwater Commission worked and continues to work with homeowners to identify where and how stormwater is persistently impacting their homes and property.

Within the Analysis and Findings section of this report, persistent stormwater issues and contributing factors are identified. This section continues by illustrating, with maps developed by the commission through resident surveys, a public workshop, and site investigations, where stormwater events most often impact homes and properties. Though the Stormwater Commission has been actively tackling stormwater runoff issues when practicable, a number of recommendations are included at the end of the report for consideration by the Village of Niles Board of Trustees. These recommendations are meant to help the village and homeowners reduce the impact of future stormwater events.

This report provides the first comprehensive look at regional, local, and home stormwater systems within the Village of Niles. It was completed through a cooperative effort of agencies, community stakeholders, and homeowners. The result is a thorough review of stormwater issues within the Village of Niles along with ways homeowners and the village can reduce the future impact of stormwater runoff caused from intense rainfall events. The Board of Trustees will be able to utilize this report to consider the amendment of dated stormwater legislation, the evaluation of current municipal operations and the consideration of future long- and short-term capital programs.

Stormwater Appendix

Maps Available Upon Request

  • Stormwater - Appendix E Persistent Home / Street / Yard Flooding Map North
  • Stormwater - Appendix E Persistent Home / Street / Yard Flooding Map Central
  • Stormwater - Appendix E Persistent Home / Street / Yard Flooding Map South