Community Relations Commission


The purpose of the Community Relations Commission shall be to foster and promote understanding, mutual respect, cooperation and positive relations between and among all residents of the Village of Niles regardless of race, color, sexual orientation, religion, gender, age, disability, national origin or ancestry to the end that a sense of shared community among residents is strengthened, the value of each individual is affirmed and the constitutional rights of all are realized. The commission shall promote adequate housing for all the community’s people, to create and/or maintain sound viable neighborhoods, to meet the needs for housing and to expand housing opportunities for all members of the community.  The Commission will also assist in the development of public information and related communication programs to enhance the quality of life for all village residents.


The Community Relations Commission (CRC) is committed to promoting fairness and tolerance in the Village of Niles. If you believe you are experiencing discrimination in housing, please contact the 
 CRC hotline at 847-588-8089 or email us at



Click here for the Community Relations Commission Fair Housing Guide.

Click here for Polish version.

Click here for Spanish version.

Click here for Niles Crime-Free Housing Program for Tenants, Landlords and Managers

Click here for monthly programs, workshops and resources from Open Communities non-profit organization


The commission shall be composed of nine members who shall be residents of the Village and who shall reflect, so far as possible, the various neighborhoods, ethnic and racial groups, and various business interests of the village, and whose training, interests, background and experience will aid the commission in its work. The Director of Family Services and the Chief of Police or their designated representatives shall serve the commission as ex officio members. One Village Trustee shall be appointed by the Village President with the advice and consent of the Board of Trustees who shall also serve the commission as an ex officio member.

  • Jovan Marinac, CHAIR
  • Vicky Duka
  • Jeffrey Kash
  • Joe Kuffel
  • Kathy Toy
  • Larry Mayer
  • Megan Esterling
  • Anela Hrnic
  • Tony Dati
  • John Jekot, Village Trustee (ex-offcio)
  • Darren Brown, Director of Family Services (ex-officio)
  • Luis C. Tigera, Chief of Police (ex-officio)

Interested in being a Member of the Community Relations Commission

Please read the CRC FULL ORDINANCE to understand details including membership, terms, procedures, functions and responsibilities. All interested individuals should complete an application and submit to Village Clerk Marlene Victorine. Applications will be submitted to the Mayor and Village Board for consideration when it is necessary to fill a vacancy. For Application: Click Here


Regular meetings of the commission shall be held at least one time during each calendar quarter, the dates and times of which shall be decided by the commission. The next meeting is on Wednesday, November 9 at 7:00 pm at Village Hall. This meeting is open to the public.


Agendas are available prior to the meetings. All agendas are posted at Village Hall in accordance with the Open Meeting Act. Minutes are available following approval.

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