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AARP—Driver Safety Program Class

M & Tu, Dec 12 & 13|9am-1pm

M & Tu, Feb 13 & 14|9am-1pm

All participants must pre-register. It is a two-day course; participants must attend both classes. There is no final test to pass. Upon completion of the course, each attendee is awarded a certificate. Under Illinois law, those above 55 - whether AARP members or not - qualify for a worthwhile multi-year auto insurance discount* by completing this course. *Please check with your insurance company for the exact discount and the correct procedure to obtain it. Studies have shown that fewer fatal and injury-causing crashes and fewer violations occur among drivers who have taken this nationally-recognized course. Cost of the course is $20 AARP members (non-members $25) paid by check on the first day of class. 

To register or for more information, please contact the Senior Center  at 847-588-8420.

Surprise! You have been named Executor and/or Trustee! What do you do now?

(In Person & Virtual)

W, Dec 28|11am|No Cost

This course will include an overview to probate and trust estate administrations, procedures common to all estates, estate and income taxation, the responsibilities that you owe to other beneficiaries and creditors when you are the fiduciary of an estate, and more.


English as a Second Language

M & Tu, Jan 9-Feb 28|1pm|$0M/$2NM

Is English your second language? Lynda Robinson will be teaching English as a second language (ESL) class at NSC. She will help you learn or develop how to listen to English and understand it, as well as develop writing and speaking skills. Registration is required, and time is flexible, contact Chrisann Fahy for more information at 847-588-8420 or


Rules of the Road Class

M, Jan 9|1pm|No Cost

Take a refresher course, before you take your test.

Edible Indoor Garden—Illinois College of Agricultural, Consumer & Environmental Services

W, Jan 18|1:30pm|$0M/$2NM

(Instructor: Navraaz Basati)

Growing your own food indoors gives you tastier and fresher produce all year long. Learn how to care for your garden and what you can grow. Did you know that pineapple, garlic bulbs and shallots can regrow from your kitchen scraps? Join us to hear more from the Master Gardener from the University of Illinois College of Agricultural, Consumer & Environmental Sciences. Suggested $2 donation for the presentation.




My Social Security and MyMedicare

W, Dec 14|10am|No Cost

W, Jan 11|10am|No Cost

W, Feb 8|10am|No Cost

Have you ever called Social Security or Medicare and hung up after being on hold for way too long?  There is a simple solution.  The creation of a my Social Security and MyMedicare account is your gateway to quickly and securely managing your personal information and benefits.  The process is simple and over 64 million people already have an account.  

 Join us as we discuss the many benefits of these online services.  Time will be allotted to set up personal accounts.