Exercise Classes

stay active

Sit, Stand, Stretch & Smile

M, Jul 11-Aug 29|11:15am|$32M/$37NM 

M, Sep 12-Oct 31|11:15am$32M/$37NM 

(No class Jul 4, Sep 5)

 Instructor: Susan Kulaga 

Join Susan as she combines seated and standing movements for balance, strength, stretching, coordination and flexibility development.

Fitness Fusion with Contemporary Line Dancing

M, Aug 1-29|9:30am|$20M/$25NM  

M, Sep 12-26|9:30am|$12M/$17NM 

(No class Sep 5)

M, Oct 3-31|9:30am|$20M/$25NM 

 Instructor: Billie Jean Darling 

Did you know line dancing has a whole new look?  It is no longer just country, and we dance to jazz, blues, rock & roll, and even classical music. It is a great low-impact exercise, and the concentration involved will also give your brain a workout. So join us for some exercise, an opportunity to make new friends and have fun.

Fit for Life

Tu, Aug 2-30|10-11am|$20M/$25NM 

Tu, Sep 6-27|10-11am|$16M/$21NM 

Tu, Oct 4-25|10-11am|$16M/$21NM 

 Instructor: Sue Gleeson 

Fit for Life is designed to increase muscle strength, range of motion and improve activities for daily living. A chair is used for seated exercise and standing support. Exercise can be modified for individual's fitness level. 

Chair Yoga

Instructor: Diane Dombeck 

W, Aug 3-31|10:30am|$15M/$20NM

W, Sep 7-28|10:30am|$12M/$17NM 

W, Oct 5-26|10:30am|$12M/$17NM

With a chair for support, this class challenges the body and mind through strengthening, stretching, relaxing and breathing.

Chair Flexibility & Strength Building Class

Th, Aug 4-25|11am|$16M/$21NM

Th, Sep 1-29|11am|$20M/$25NM

Th, Oct 6-27|11am|$16M/$21NM

 Instructor: Kloe Zhang

Would you like to increase your flexibility and mobility in a comfortable manner? As a Yoga Therapist, Kloe will guide you through accessible, therapeutic movements that will increase your strength and leave you feeling refreshed.

Zumba Gold

Th, Aug 4-25 |9:30am|$16M/$21NM

Th, Sep 1-29|9:30am|$20M/$25NM

Th, Oct 6-27 |9:30am|$16M/$21NM

 Instructor: Maria Nickolson

Zumba Gold takes the popular Latin-dance inspired workout of Zumba and makes it accessible for seniors with needed modifications in their exercise routine. Zumba Gold builds cardiovascular health, and works the muscles of the hips, legs and arms with dance moves. 

Learn to Line Dance-Fitness Fusion

F, Aug 5-26|9:30am|$16M/$21NM 

F, Sep 2-30|9:30am|$20M/$25NM 

F, Oct 7-28|9:30am|$16M/$21NM 

Instructor: Billie Jean Darling 

This class is for people with no or very little dance experience, learn the basic steps and terminology. No partner is needed, so come have fun, improve your coordination, and exercise your body and brain.

Sit & Be Fit

F, Aug 5-26|10:45am|$16M/$21NM

F, Sep 2-30|10:45am|$20M/$25NM

F, Oct 7-28|10:45am|$16M/$21NM

Instructor: Theresa Pretzer

This course is focusing on chair fitness to strengthen your core and improve balance. 

These Feet were Made for Walking!

Th, Jul 7-Aug 25|10:30am| No Cost 

Th, Sep 1-Oct 27|10:30am|No Cost 

 (Lead by Lynn Daly)

Lift your mood and move your feet with a free senior walking club.  Start walking today with a community of friends and get fit together! The club will meet at the forest preserves and will walk slow to medium speed for a duration to be determined by the group. Registration is required.

NEW - Bingocize

Tu & Th, Sep 27-Dec 1

2:30pm|No Cost

(No class Nov 24)

Bingocize is a 10-week program that combines the game of bingo with fall prevention exercises. Come play bingo and meet new people while learning about techniques to reduce falls. Bingocize is exercise for your body, mind and spirit. Winners win prizes!