Community Service Officers

Operational Support Officers (O.S.O.):

There are 6 full time Operational Support Officers who work in the Police Station to staff the front desk, handle administrative duties, answer the Non-Emergency Police and after hours Village phones, aid in booking and monitoring people under arrest, and support dispatch operations

Community Service Officers (C.S.O.): 

There are approximately 20 part-time C.S.O. positions for the Police Department. There are two categories of C.S.O. The first group are assigned to the "Desk", meaning they work inside of the Police Station. Their duties are similar to that of an O.S.O., with the exception of having contact with people under arrest. They are assigned during peak times to cover the front desk and for relief coverage of the O.S.O. positions. The second group of C.S.O. are assigned to the "Street", meaning they work in the community aiding the needs of the Village. This group patrols in a marked vehicle and handle duties including directing traffic, documenting private property crashes, parking enforcement, and aiding in non-enforcement police functions.

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 CSO I Job Description and Qualifications
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