Village Manager

The Village Manager's Office is within the General Government Department which also includes Human Resources, Communications, Police/Fire Commission, and the Village Attorney's Office.

About the Managerial Form of Government

The managerial form of government is available to all municipalities under 500,000 in population. The municipality retains its governmental structure as an aldermanic-city form, trustee-village form, or commission form while adopting the features of the manager form.

Under this form, the power of the Board is purely legislative except that it is empowered to approve all expenses and liabilities to the municipality. The manager is the administrative and executive head of the government for some purposes. The manager appoints and removes all officers not required to be elected. The appointment to most boards, commissions, and other municipal agencies resides in the Mayor subject to Board confirmation.

Village Manager

Under the direction of the Village Board of Trustees, the Village Manager's responsibilities are to oversee the day-to-day operations of the Village, which includes enforcement of Village Ordinances, recommendations of policy, and policy alternatives to the Village Board, and the preparation of an annual budget for the Village Board to review. The Village Manager performs high level administration, technical, and professional work in direction and supervising the administration of Village government.

Joseph S. La Margo (Village Manager)

Joe La Margo was hired at the Village of Niles in August 2021. La Margo has a diverse and distinguished career in public service, including previous work for the Cook County Bureau of Finance, the Cook County Clerk’s Department of Tax and Real Estate, the Office of the Illinois Secretary of State, the Village of Orland Park, and the City of Portage, Michigan. He holds a Master of Arts in organizational leadership and public policy from Lewis University and a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration with a concentration in economics from Loyola University.

Deputy Village Manager

The Deputy Village Manager is responsible for administrative and managerial work assisting the Village Manager in all phases of Village operations. The Deputy Village Manager is responsible for providing guidance and direction to ensure the efficient management and effective operation of Village services. The Deputy Village Manager takes an active role in the areas of Human Resources, performance management, environmental sustainability, grant management, budgeting, utility supervision, resident assistance, and arts and culture development.