Health & Wellness


Hearing Health Seminar

Th, Jul 18|12:30pm | No CostHearingTest_2_20q2_4c

Learn about how hearing loss impacts your overall health and what steps you can take to protect your ears and brain. Register to have your hearing tested after the event! 


0_CPRClass2_19_4c (1)CPR Certification Course

M, Aug 1|9am-12pm

The Niles Fire Department will be at the NSC for those who would like to take the CPR Certification class. There are a variety of reasons for taking a CPR class even if your position doesn’t require such a certification, having one better equips you to respond to an emergency, whether it’s at work, home or elsewhere. Gaining CPR certification can help you save someone’s life — maybe even the life of someone you love.



Visit with Myra the Comfort Dog

F, Jul 22|10:45am

Myra will be at the NSC to visit anyone that would love to visit her.

Is there anything more comforting than the reassuring touch of a dog? Scientists have discovered that interacting with animals boosts levels of oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin in our brains, and can even improve our immune system.


blood pressure


Tu, Sep 6-Tu, Oct 25|8:30am-2pm

The Senior Center has partnered with Oak Point University, formerly Resurrection University, to be a clinical placement for nursing students. Students will be available Monday and Tuesday to provide blood pressures, assist with medication reviews and present health and wellness programs. No appointment necessary.

Medsharpsication & Sharps Collection

Tu, Sep 13 |10am-12pm