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Inteintergenerationalrgenerational Sharing Fun Event

W, Nov 16|3:30pm|$15 for book

Grandparents and grandchildren…pull out your smartphones. It’s time for intergenerational sharing fun!  This program is a fun and social opportunity for grandparents and grandchildren to get a glimpse into each other’s worlds and learn about each other’s generations—the events, the music, the pop culture and the communication technologies that frame their respective realities.  Join Jerry Witkovsky and Deanna Shoss, authors of Where Two Worlds Meet: A Guide to Connecting with Your Teenage Grandchildren for this engaging and interactive session to commemorate the new book launch.

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

· Describe which world events have most impacted them.

· Recognize how they may have experienced the same world event differently.

· Discuss each other’s favorite music.

· Discuss ways to accommodate each other’s favorite means of communication.

Smart Phones (one per family) are helpful, but not necessary. We can create a fun and interactive conversation with the whole group, using a laptop, projector and a good internet connection.


veterans day

Calling all NSC Veterans!

In honor of Veterans Day, we would like to celebrate you!  If you would like to be in our NSC Members/Spouses display, please drop a copy of your picture while in the service at the Front Desk.  

Check out the display in the NSC Lobby between November 10-December 9, open to 



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