NNO Sponsor


To help promote and improve upon the theme of the National Night Out we are looking for sponsorship in two specific areas.

Sponsorship of Materials

We are looking for sponsorship donations towards materials and activities As part of your donation your business name will be displayed represented on all promotional materials. Depending on the type item sponsored your Organization/Business Name will either be on the item or promoted on our department website, in all advertisement and event brochure materials.

To sponsor or make a donation download and submit the sponsorship form.

Sponsorship of Impaired and Distracted Driving Course

As part of our continued effort to reduce alcohol related crime and motor vehicle accidents we are looking for sponsors for our Impaired/Distracted Driving Courses. Here are some facts surrounding alcohol impaired driving in Illinois. To Sponsor this event download our sponsorship form.
  • Each year in our nation, nearly 12,000 people die on our roads due to drunk driving. That would equal more than 33 jumbo jets crashing each year.
  • Although 16-24 year olds comprise only 15.52 percent of the licensed drivers in the state, they are involved in 38.85 percent of all fatal alcohol-related crashes.
  • Nearly 33 percent of the fatally injured teenage drivers (age 16-19) were drinking prior to their crash.