Clubs - Men's & Women's Clubs


Men’s Club Meeting - August

President:  Hank Betka
M, Aug 26 • 12:00pm • $6M/$9NM
The NSC Men's Club will join the Women's Club for lunch and entertainment at 12:00pm.

Men’s Club Meeting - September

President:  Hank Betka
M, Sep 23 • 11am • $6M/$9NM
Darren Brown, LCSW, Family Services Director will be here to introduce himself and discuss services for older adults and the community at large. This will be a good opportunity to ask general questions on behalf of yourself and your neighbors who might be in need of services. The Men’s Club will join the Women’s Club for lunch and entertainment at 12pm.

Men’s Club Meeting - October

President:  Hank Betka
M, Oct 28 • 11am • $6M/$9NM
Bruce Baumgart of Goldman & Associates, Inc. will be here to help you navigate the tricky world of supplemental insurance and share information with you on how you can drastically change your Medicare supplemental plan premiums. Bruce will tell you the questions you should be asking before you make a decision, and share the new 2020 laws that might change your current plan. Ladies are welcome to join the gentlemen for the presentation also!  Men's Club will join Women's Club for lunch.



Women’s Club Meeting - August

President:  Lois MacAdam
M, Aug 26 • 11:30am • $6M/$9NM
Lunch includes a BLT sandwich, coleslaw and dessert.
Following lunch, get ready to rock and roll with Hugo as he 
presents Elvis.

Women’s Club Meeting - September

President:  Lois MacAdam
M, Sep 23 • 11:30am • $6M/$9NM
Lunch will include lasagna, roll, salad and dessert.  Following lunch, Kym Frankovelgia will be back to perform.

Women’s Club Meeting - October

President:  Lois MacAdam
M, Oct 28 • 11:30am • $6M/$9NM
Lunch will include a choice of brat or hot dog, chips and dessert.  Following lunch, we will play Bingo for prizes.