M, Nov 20 |12:30pm|$9M/$14NM

F, Dec 22|12pm|$9M/$14NM

Game Only|$0M/$2NM

Canasta is a card game of the Rummy family of games believed to be a variant of 500 Rummy. October lunch will include a BLT sandwich, chips and dessert. Lunch for November includes a chicken Caesar wrap and dessert. Lunch for December includes a turkey burger with honey mustard dressing on the side, chips and dessert. 

Chess Club

Thursdays, 1pm-3pm| $0M/$2NM

Calling all Chess players! We've had a few requests to get a group together to challenge each other in this ageless classic game.

31 Card Tournament

F, Dec 29||12pm|$10M/$15NM

Game Only $2M/$4NM

This game is easy and so much fun! The goal is to obtain a hand that totals 31 in cards of one suit or to have a hand at the showdown with a count in one suit that is higher than that of any other player. Lunch for October will include a meatball sandwich, chips and dessert.  Lunch in November will include a chicken kabob sandwich, chips and dessert. Lunch for December will include a BLT sandwich, chips and dessert. 


M, Dec 4|10:30am|$0M/$2NM

Come and play the classic card game UNO with your NSC friends. 


M, Dec 4|12:30pm

Once a month scrabble group! Scrabble is a word game in which two to four players score points .

Bingo & Dinner

F, Dec 1|3pm|$10M/$15NM

Game Only $2M/$4NM

Come play Bingo for prizes. We will play Bingo from 3-4pm, followed by dinner. Dinner includes mostaciolli, garlic bread and dessert.

Bunco Tournament

M, Dec 4|12:30pm|$10M/$15NM

Game Only $2M/$4NM

Join us for a fun afternoon of Bunco. Don’t know how to play? No worries, we will go over the rules prior to the tournament.  Lunch will include a cheeseburger, chips and dessert. 

Mexican Train

M, Dec 4|3pm|$8M/$13NM 

Game only|$2M/$4NM

Mexican Train is an extremely popular domino game that’s easy to learn and fun to play.  Each player is dealt an equal amount of dominoes.  The goal is to try to get rid of as many dominoes as possible and have the lowest score based on the dominoes remaining.  Standard Mexican Train rules will be followed and available for review.  People wanting to play a variation of the standard rules can do so as long as agreed upon by the table.  Prizes for the winners. Enjoy chips, guacamole, and a margarita while you play.  Ole!

Left Center Right

Tu, Dec 12|10am

Breakfast & Game $8M/$13NM

Game Only $2M/$4NM

LCR is a fast-paced dice game that is easy to learn and fun to play. With just three dice, nine poker chips and at least three players, you can play almost anywhere. Breakfast includes fresh fruit and an assortment of New York style bagels (savory and sweet) with cream cheese.


Tu, Dec 12|3pm|$10M/$15NM

Ranter-Go-Round is a primitive game using playing cards where you can win NSC credits. It is easy and fun and a great opportunity to laugh and beat the winter blues. Cost includes two glasses of wine and charcuterie.


Bridge_20q4_4c (1)

Beginning Bridge Class (6-week Course)

Tuesdays, Nov 7-Dec 12|2-3:30pm|$75M/$80NM

(Instructor Craig Jacobson)

Bridge is the game of a lifetime! It is a mentally stimulating activity that can be played anywhere and at any age. Whether you are new to Bridge or want to get back in the game, this six-week course will teach fundamentals and sharpen skills. Sign up to play this fun, social, and competitive game.


Open Billiards Room & Instruction

(Instructor: Ron the Pool Player)

The Billiards Room is open to all members and six-month facility use pass holders. Ron the Pool Player is here most afternoons between 1 and 3pm. If you would like to play and/or get some pointers, schedule some time with him. 



Drop-in Programs

The programs below are at no cost to NSC members. Non-members may participate in the programs below for a six-month period by paying an $18 facility usage fee. 

Social Cards or Billiards 



Wii Bowling Drop In 

Tuesdays, 12pm

Thursdays, 12pm

Join your fellow NSC members in the lobby for a friendly game of Wii Bowling.

Social Bridge 

Tuesdays, 12:30pm

Thursdays, 12:30pm 

Ping Pong

Tuesdays, 2-4pm 


Thursdays, 9:30am 

Drop-In Ceramics

Thursdays, 12pm 


Thursdays, 1pm 


Fridays, 10:30am 

Established Game Groups Looking for Players

  • Tuesdays|12:30pm    Bridge
  • Thursdays|9:30am    Mahjongg
  • Thursdays|12:30pm  Bridge
  • Thursdays|1pm         Pinochle

These groups are looking for intermediate to advanced players to join their groups. 

Do you like Euchre?  If you are interested in getting a group together, please call Jaymi at 847-588-8434.