F, Jan 7|3pm|$2M/$4NM

M, Feb 7|3pm|$2M/$4NM

Come play Bingo for prizes. Includes a sweet treat.

Heads Up

M, Jan 10|3pm|No Cost

M, Feb 14|3pm|No Cost

Heads-Up always gets the party started and is a twist on the traditional charades.  It’s a classic word game where players have to describe the word that the selected person is holding to their head (they do not know what’s on the paper). 

Codenames Games

W, Jan 12|1pm|$No Cost

It is a game of guessing. Two teams compete by each having a “spymaster” give one-word clues that point to multiple words on the board. 

Billiards & Beer

M, Jan 17|2:30pm|$5

It’s a sport of agility and strategy. Playing is a way to keep your mind active and focused. 

If you have the ability and the willingness to learn, you’ll succeed. You will be enjoying the afternoon playing pool while having some snacks and beer. 

Bunco Tournament

W, Jan 19 |12pm| $10M/$15NM

Lunch will include a Potbelly’s boxed lunch with a roast beef and Provolone sandwich, chips and cookie. Don’t know how to play? No worries, we will go over the rules prior to the tournament.

Squid Games at NSC

F, Feb 4|2:30pm|$5

Have you seen the Netflix series “Squid Game” where the games focus on a collection of people competing in deadly games to win money? If not, you will soon find out! You will play random games of our choosing and the winner will live and win a prize! I guarantee a lot of laughs or your money back (just kidding). Snacks and refreshments will be provided.

Texas Hold’em Tournament

Tu, Feb 8|12pm|$5M/$7.50NM

Join us for our Texas Hold’em Tournament. Lunch includes a hot dog, chips and dessert. Everyone will receive 100 chips of the same value, at the end of the tournament, the top 3 chip holders will win prizes.

31 Card Tournament

W, Feb 16|12pm|$10M/$15NM

This is an easy game to play and so much fun!  The goal is to obtain a hand that totals 31 in cards of one suit; or to have a hand at the showdown whose count in one suit is higher than that of any other player.  Please select a meal option 1) Superdawg on a poppy seed bun, 2) Superburger, 3) grilled cheese slabs of American cheese, grilled-melted to a bubbling creaminess on toasted bun.  The trimmings are on the side and fries come with each meal and dessert.  

Bunco Tournament

W, Feb 23 |12pm|$10M/$15NM

Lunch will include a grilled chicken sandwich, chips and dessert. Following lunch, we will dive into the tournament. Don’t know how to play? No worries, we will go over the rules prior to the tournament.




We are now forming game groups for the following: Rummikub, Tripoley and Pinochle. If you don’t know how to play, we will provide written and video instruction.

(Participants must be members or have Facility Usage Pass - please see Front Desk Staff)


Mondays|10:30am |No Cost

In Tripoley, players collect chips through a series of games, which include Hearts, Poker & Michigan Rummy. The player who collects the most chips by the end of the game wins.    

Sudoku Group

Tu, Jan 11-Feb 22|1:30pm|No Cost 

All levels welcome!  Sudoku is a logic-based, combinatorial number-placement puzzle. In classic Sudoku, the objective is to fill a 9×9 grid with digits so that each column, each row, and each of the nine 3×3 subgrids that compose the grid contain all of the digits from 1 to 9.  


Fridays|10:30am|No Cost

Rummikub is a tile-based game, combining elements of the card game rummy and mahjong.

Men’s Group Chess & Checkers 

F, Jan 14-Feb 25|1pm |No Cost

Need to get out of your house? If so, then come to the NSC for a friendly game of chess or checkers.   

Established Game Groups Looking for Players

Tuesdays & Thursdays|12:30pm Bridge

Wednesdays|12pm    Canasta

Thursdays|9:30am     Mahjong

Thursdays|1:30pm     Pinochle

These groups are looking for intermediate to advanced players to join their groups. Please contact Chrisann Fahy, or 847-588-8436 if you are interested in playing.


Drop-In Social Games

(Participants must be members or have Facility Usage Pass - please see Front Desk Staff)

Wii Bowling

Tuesdays|12pm|No Cost

Come on in and play Wii Bowling in the lobby of the NSC.

Social Scrabble

Fridays|1-2pm|No Cost

Who doesn’t love to play the classic game Scrabble? Drop in and enjoy a game with your NSC friends.