game time

A favorite of game-lovers everywhere, bingo is a game strictly of chance...but guaranteed fun!  Guarantee yourself a good time with our monthly bingo game event. Cost includes meal and prizes. Registrations must be made by 12pm the day before.  Game only $2M/$3NM.

Bingo - November

W, Nov 20 | 3pm | $10M/$15NM
Meal includes: chicken limone, sides, beverage and dessert.

Bingo - December

W, Dec 11 | 3pm | $10M/$15NM
Meal includes: glazed ham, sides, beverage and dessert.



M, Nov 18 | 12pm | $12M/$17NM
Put your acting chops to good use and bring out your inner goofball with…CHARADES!  This timeless party game is full of belly laughs and drama, so you don’t want to miss it.  Dinner will include two (2) glasses of wine, salad, and your choice between spinach or sausage pizza.  Fee includes game, meal, and prizes.


Social Poker

F, Nov 22 | 12pm | $6M/$9NM
F, Dec 20 | 12pm | $6M/$9NM
Bring your poker face and some luck. Cost includes lunch and prizes.  

​                                                                             TRIVIA NIGHT

Trivia Night

M, Dec 16 | 5:30pm | $12M/$17NM
Th, Dec 19  | 12pm | $12M/$17NM
Test your knowledge about different topics and show off how much you know. Come with your own team, or make a team when you get here! We will also feast on some deep dish pizza, salad, and two (2) glasses of wine. Fee includes: game, meal, and prizes. 

                                                                      BUNCO TOURNAMENT

Bunco Tournament

W, Jan 8 | 12pm | $9M/$13.50NM
Join us for our first Bunco Tournament!  Lunch will include a choice of a cheeseburger or hot dog from the popular Super Dawg restaurant.  Following lunch, we will dive into the tournament.  Don’t know how to play?  No worries, we will go over the rules prior to the tournament.