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Rave Alert: "Reverse 9-1-1" Automated Calls and Notifications

Residents can sign up to be notified via phone when emergencies arise through a company called Rave Alert. This includes all types of emergencies such as storms, heat and cold alerts, and any other situation that may put residents at risk.

Residents use a "Smart 9-1-1" profile to manage their alerts. You can:


Residents may also sign up to receive important Village event and news updates in their e-mail via the Niles e-newsletter.
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Don’t want to receive alerts from the Village? If you did not sign up for Rave Alert but are receiving calls or notifications from the Village of Niles, you are being automatically contacted through existing Village databases or public phone records. Request a stop to notifications by e-mailing

If you previously signed up for Rave Alert, you can modify your subscriptions by logging in to your Rave account.