Village Clerk

The Village Clerk attends all meetings of the Village Board, keeps records of its proceedings, and publishes and attests to all resolutions and ordinances passed by the Board.  The Clerk maintains all official Board records, certifications and the Village seal. The Clerk also attests to all contracts of the Village and other documents.  The Village Clerk serves as the local election official and registrar for voters. The Village Clerk serves as the liaison to the Village President and Board of Trustees.

The mission of the Village Clerk's Office is to maximize public access to the Village's legislative process by maintaining the legislative history of the Village President and Board of Trustees.
Meeting Agendas and Minutes
Agendas are posted at the Village Hall and on the Village website 48 hours prior to each meeting in accordance with the Open Meetings Act. Meeting minutes are posted on the Village website after the Board approves them.

Municipal Ordinances
The Village Clerk maintains the Village Code of Ordinances. To view the Village of Niles Ordinances, please visit the Village Ordinances (link) page or Municode (link) website.

Prevailing Wage Rates

The Village has adopted the prevailing wages as determined by the Illinois Department of Labor for Cook County. Such prevailing wage rates establish the minimum wages, overtime rate and fringe benefits to be paid by the Contractor and any subcontractors to all laborers, workers, mechanics, and owner/operators employed under this contract.  The Contractor shall post a copy of the current scale of prevailing wages to be paid in a prominent and easily accessible place at the site of the work.  Any revisions to the General Wage Decision prior to the date of the contract shall be in force for the duration of the contract.  All contractors and subcontractors rendering services that fall under prevailing wage work must comply with all requirements of the Act, including but not limited to, all wage, notice and record keeping duties. Please refer to the Illinois Department of Labor website for the current rates. 

Charitable Games License
Raffle License
A notary public is available at Village Hall during regular business hours at no charge to residents.  Please bring proof of identification and the unsigned document to Village Hall. You must sign the document in the presence of the notary.  Please review Village of Niles Notary Policy to ensure that your document can be notarized by a Village Notary.