Fire Alarm Monitoring

The Village of Niles implemented a successful fire alarm monitoring program for commercial and multifamily occupancies in 2015. The village's program offers our subscribers an active network radio system and AES wireless radios that transmit signals directly to RED Center. Any power losses by radios are reported automatically to the Dispatch Center, which is manned 24 hours a day. The RED Center’s equipment is UL-listed and the Center meets all guidelines of the National Fire Protection Association. Fire alarm monitoring is a vital component of public safety, and the village's program provides an opportunity to partner with our customers and to deliver reliable, efficient, cost effective services.

Advantages of the village's wireless program:

  • Significant reduction in false alarms from phone line problems
  • Fire alarm signals come directly to the RED Center. There is no third party to process the alarms.
  • Major cost savings over dedicated phone line service
  • No installation cost
  • Years of proven reliability
  • Warranty and any maintenance of the transmitter is part of the monthly fee

The total monthly monitoring fee is $70.00 per month, which includes the radio, the installation and all service and maintenance. The village's goal is to keep monitoring costs under control; there has been no rate increase since the program began.

Monitoring Application/Contract