Niles Arts and Culture Project Grants

The Village of Niles Arts and Culture Project for 2022-23

The Village of Niles Arts & Culture Advisory Council has been commissioned to assist the Village in fostering arts and culture in the community by supporting the people and organizations that create artistic and cultural experiences that are open to all residents and visitors and benefit the Niles community. The Arts and Culture Project is a means to achieve these goals.

The Council has up to $5,000 available to fund one or more projects through April 30, 2023. Individuals or groups are invited to participate and take advantage of this opportunity. For this fiscal year, the Arts and Culture Council is encouraging submissions that will provide long-term or permanent visual art installations with access to the public.


• Performing Arts – Projects relating to theater, dance and/or music
• Visual Arts – Projects involving drawing, painting, sculpture, crafts, film/video, photography
• Literary Arts – Projects relating to writing (fiction, non-fiction, poetry, etc.)
• Cultural Arts – Projects relating to culinary, floral, ethnic, historical, etc. themes

Application Process

• Complete the Niles Arts & Culture Project Application.
• Provide a description of the project; include scope, venue or location, timeline and approval for any copyrighted material.
• Itemize all expected expenses.
• Signed Hold Harmless Agreement.


• Applicants will be notified of approval or denial within 60 days.
• Projects will be selected by the Niles Arts & Culture Advisory Council. All decisions will be final.
• Projects must be completed by April 30, 2023.​​