Facade & Streetscape Improvement and Beautification Program

What is a Façade & Streetscape Improvement and Beautification Program?

The Façade & Streetscape Improvement and Beautification Program is a process where the Village will provide a 50% matching grant to Niles business or building owners who construct eligible improvements to the facades and streetscapes of their buildings. The Village will match dollar-for-dollar on eligible projects that improve the appearance of their building’s storefront, façade and streetscape up to a maximum amount of $15,000. 


The Village of Niles, in its continuing effort to support the development of Niles Business Districts, has created a Façade & Streetscape Improvement and Beautification Program for all commercial business owners and operators within qualifying districts in Niles. The Village encourages building and business owners to invest in and upgrade their existing storefront for a more inviting character of Niles. 

Eligible Properties and Applicants
  • All commercially operated buildings located in C-Zoning Districts which are located within a TIF (Tax Increment Financing) District are eligible. Find TIF District Maps
  • Only one grant will be awarded per building within a five-year period
  • Only improvements to facades and streetscapes that directly front a public right-of-way are eligible for funding
  • Any building with a zoning or building code violation is NOT eligible for the program.
  • Any commercial building owner, or business owner with building owner authorization, may apply for the grant.

Eligible Improvements

Three of the following eligible improvements must be incorporated into the overall improvements: 

  • Exterior Doors and Storefront Windows
  • Streetscape Elements
  • Landscaping
  • Painting
  • Shutters and Awnings
  • Stairs, Porches, Railings
  • Wall Façade Repair & Treatment
  • Exterior Lighting
  • Roofs visible from the Street
  • Original Architectural Features repair or replacement
  • Signage Repair or Replacement (Free standing pole or monument signs are not an eligible improvement)
  • All requests for signage as part of the façade program are subject to further review
  • Improvements for ADA compliance

A building or business owner who is undertaking an improvement project that includes a portion of the eligible improvements may apply for the matching grant, but only the improvements identified below will be eligible for funding.

Ineligible Projects

The Façade & Streetscape Improvement and Beautification Program will NOT provide funds for working capital, debt refinancing, equipment/inventory acquisition, application fees, permit fees, legal fees, plumbing repair/improvements, HVAC repair/improvements, parking lot resurfacing, or interior remodeling.


Facade Improvement Application (PDF)

TIF District Maps

Niles Comprehensive Plan 2030

For questions call Katie Schneider (847) 588-8005 or kds@vniles.com


 The terms of the program are as follows:

  • Grants are issued in the form of reimbursements after eligible expenses are incurred (receipts or other acceptable proof of payment are required).
  •  Reimbursement is limited to a maximum of 50% of verified eligible expenses.
  •  Maximum grant amount to be awarded to a single project under the program is $15,000 (50% of $30,000 of verified eligible expenses). 
  • The program may not be used by the same applicant to renovate the same store front (tenant space) more than once.
  •  The current annual funding for the program varies per TIF District and is subject to adjustment in conjunction with the Village’s budget process.