Culture Club


Sin Dejar Huella—Leaving No Trace (109min)

Tu, Oct 1 | 12pm | $7M/$10.50NM (Movie Only, FREE)
Comedy/Drama—Called the Latino “Thelma and Louise,” this is the story of two women on the run: one a Spanish dealer in ersatz Mayan relics, the other a young mother who has run away from her drug dealer boyfriend and hopes to build a better life for her two children. The two women ultimately form a bond of solidarity and camaraderie that is put to the test when both a border officer and the boyfriend catch up with them. Huella also highlights many regional and cultural differences, with class, education, and life along the U.S./Mexico border being on the forefront. Meal includes: picadillo empanada (ground beef, carrots, peas, onions, potatoes, and spices), salad, beverage and dessert.  

Hispanic Heritage Community Celebration: Latin Dance Party! 

School is out, so bring the kiddos and jam it out with a Latin Dance Party!  We will have it all on our playlist: merengue, bachata, salsa, mariachi, cumbia and even reggeton!  If you have a special request of a song that makes you cut a rug, please let us know in advance so we can make sure it makes the playlist.  Meal includes: taco salad, chicken and beef, toppings, beverage, and dessert.  
Monday, Oct 14  • 12:00pm • Children $8/Adults $15

dance party

Marcos Doesn’t Live Here Anymore (116min)

Tu, Oct 15 | 12pm | $7M/$10.50NM
Documentary—From acclaimed director David Sutherland comes this unique look at the immigration issue. The film follows the efforts of Elizabeth Perez, a decorated United States Marine veteran, to reunite her family after the deportation of her husband, an undocumented worker from Mexico. Her struggle begins to challenge her assumptions about justice and fairness in the nation for which she fought. Meal includes: Argentinean empanada (diced steak, potatoes, green olives, red peppers, onions, and spices), salad, beverage and dessert.