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Come pick up some smooth core moves with Carmella the Belly Dancer leading the way! Once just considered a performance art, people  of all cultures, ages, and backgrounds are exploring the world of belly dance as a way to get fit. Shimmy Fitness is designed to get the blood flowing in a fun way. All fitness and dance levels welcome. This event is presented to you as a partnership between the Niles Senior Center in the Niles Family Fitness Center. Afterwards, we will share a light dinner of chicken kabobs, sides, dessert and a glass of sangria.
Thursday, July 25 • 5:30pm • Lesson only, $7 • Lesson and meal, $12

Hispanic Heritage Community Celebration: Latin Dance Party!

School is out, so bring the kiddos and jam it out with DJ Oscar! DJ Oscar has it all on his playlist: merengue, bachata, salsa, mariachi, cumbia and even reggeton! He especially loves to play the tunes of times past that his grandparents used to play, so if you have a special request of a song that takes you down memory lane, please let us know in advance so we can make sure it makes the playlist. Meal includes: taco salad, chicken and beef, toppings, beverage, and dessert.
Monday, Oct 14  • 12:00pm • Children $8/Adults $15

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