Where do I dispose of bulk items?
Residents may place bulk items out for collection on their pickup day. Niles residents receive unlimited collection of bulk items. Residents are encouraged to only place out one bulk item per week if possible to assist the collector, and to contact Groot to arrange for the pickup of the bulk item(s).These items must be of a manageable size that can be safely collected by one Groot collector. Bulk items include, but are not limited to: beds, box springs, mattresses, sofas, furniture, furnishings, fixtures, and White Goods (appliances). Please note that Groot requests that residents call them at (800) 244-1977 in advance for all White Goods placed out for collection. Groot only collects one free bulk item per week.
* There is an extra charge if items are very heavy or large like sleeper/recliner sofas, big armoires and entertainment centers. These are considered a special pickup and residents have to call Groot to arrange the pickup and set up payment.

**Large bulk items that require two or more people to safely lift include: pianos, hot tubs, large sofas, and bath tubs.

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